FRANCE – Me Branco describes the hell of Rebeuss: «I slept next to people tortured and crammed by hundreds»

Juan Branco was arrested on his brief prison stay in Rebeuss prison. Ousmane Sonko’s lawyer described the hell in which live the hundreds of inmates with whom he spent the night from Sunday to Monday, August 07, 2023. “In Rebeuss, I slept in the midst of tortured people who carried traces of gunshot wounds. They were crowded by hundreds unable to move and forced to do their needs on the spot. They made the mistake of making me see this,” he said at a press conference on Tuesday.

«Ousmane Sonko suffers from kidney failure, we asked him to stop his hunger strike». The French lawyer of Ousmane Sonko, at a press conference this Tuesday, August 08, 2023 in Paris revealed what pathology suffered his client admitted to the emergency room of the Main Hospital of Dakar since Sunday. “Ousmane Sonko suffers from kidney failure due to hypoglycemia caused by his hunger strike. But his condition is stable. We have asked him to stop this hunger strike and we hope he will hear us. Because what he represents is too important for thousands of people who follow him. We had the opportunity to realize this at Rebeuss prison,” said Juan Branco, who returned to France on Tuesday after being arrested and imprisoned for less than 24 hours in Senegal.


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