Falling Donald Trump wants to take America with him. By Ndiawar Diop

We all know it, Trump who, has fewer than 32 days before leaving the White House on January 20th, 2021, appeared to want to set fire to our national cohesion, our institutions and our democratic elections. Less than Three months before the November 2020 election, all the polls have shown Democratic nominee Joe Biden leading Trump by almost Eight (8) points nationally and by almost Five (5) points in battleground states; so why be surprised by the final result after more than a month of counting, recounting and several contestation fillings ?

The prospect of losing the White House by the Trump Team was predicted by all the trusted polls. I know for fact that contested elections will not damaged the American political system. The contested 1860 election that led to the American Civil War, had a unique context and Donald Trump continuing to contest the November 2020 result will have No Impact in this nation; Americans and their Democracy will survive.

Trump has always been using the same political strategy since declaring to be part of the prudential election of 2016; Using Fear and divisive tactics to play the American people’s minds by convincing them to believe that most (if not all) immigrants to the U.S are, in fact, rapists, murderers or criminals knowing very well that most immigrants are actually decent human beings trying to give themselves a better shot at life in this Great Nation.

Since 2016 the anti-immigrant sentiment and the Racism are much more stronger pending a new face for America and creating a real and genuine fear of “the other” in this Blessed country. 

We know it all and we’ve seen it all, Donald Trump has been a divisive President who is willing to make ugly attacks on whoever had the audacity to criticize or disagree with his political view (which tends to dissolve the already fragile ties that bind American People Together). 

Donald Trump had designed the way he wants Americans to live daily through Twitter; warning about Street Invasion by his supporters if he would lose the November 2020 election; raising eligibility question about Senator Kamala Harris to serve as President …. the list goes on … From sorting machines to the removal of post office boxes in many cities across America, Trump had attempted to disrupt the absentee voting during the COVID-19 pandemic; yet America has survived the storm and elected in November 2020 a new President Joe Biden to end more than 4 years of unnecessary attacks against anyone and anything. 

As a Political Scientist Student and Researcher, all those divisive moves to break the American People’s Trust toward the Institutions, have a fundamental goal which is to destroy the Confidence and the Strong Belief in the Fairness and Accuracy of the November Election’s Results. 

Those who follow his many daily Tweets could testify that he had always tweeted about « Election that will be rigged against him via Mails or Vote-Counting. None of those assertions are true, they were just another way for Donald Trump to salve his political ego and hold onto power even though the result goes against him. His untold message of « If I cannot have America, None will » is clear and it will only destroy him; Burning the American Institutions and Democratic Legacy to the ground won’t be the ultimate solutions; America is greater than that.

Donald Trump will eventually leave the White House voluntarily or involuntarily in January 20th, 2021 but it will take years if not decades before this great nation of America could recover from the past 4 years damages done. 

The United States will remain intact and the Dream of its citizens too. May God Continue to Bless this Great Nation.

Ndiawar Diop

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