Sunuker Fm LIVE

Créée en 2004, Radio Sunuker est la radio du portail web de l’actualité sénégalaise et de la Diaspora SUNUKER FM Radio 24/7. Elle se veut la première radio africaine de la Californie regroupant toute la musique africaine sur une station.

Sunuker FM is the first african radio in Los Angeles.

The Sunuker FM iOS app is a comprehensive source of News from Africa directly to your Ipod touch/Iphone/iPad. With a collection of News from various source, live twitter updates about what’s going on in Africa, and high quality of professionalism. Stay up to date about what’s happening in the entire continent of Africa and around the World, no matter where you are.

Radio Sunuker
SUNUKER FM: La Première Radio Africaine de la Californie

Sunuker FM is broadcast Live from Los Angeles 24/7 the TOP 50’s best songs from Africa every Week.

Have you ever had the problem of losing your signal while traveling?
Do you need to find out news about love ones during a disaster and need to be informed faster?
You will never have to worry about being out of the area to listen to your favorite station using your smart phones 3g, 4g or even WiFi connections, you can stay tuned from anywhere in the world.

The Sunuker FM iOS APP also continues to run as a background task so it doesn’t interrupt the audio stream you are listening to and allows you to use your smartphone for other games or APPs.

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